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They claim descent from KiraTar Prat&p Sinh, a Bargnjar Th&knr of
r, in Mjpntana, who joined Prithi Baj of Delhi in his expedition against
Mahoba. On his way thither he assisted the Dor Mja of Kol in reducing a
rebellion of the MinaSj and was rewarded by receiving in marriage the Baja's
daughter, with a dowry of 150 villages in the neighbourhood of Pahasu. The
eleventh in descent from Pratap Sinh was Ml Sinhs who, though a Hindu,
received from the Emperor Akbar the title of Khan ; whence the name Lai-
Khani, by which the family is ordinarily designated. It was his grandson,
Itimad Bae9 in the reign of Anrangzeb, who first embraced Muhammadanism.
The seventh in descent from Itimad R&e was Nahar Ali Khan, who, with his
nephew, Bunde Khen, held the fort of Kamona, in Balandshahr, against the
English, and thus forfeited his estate, which was conferred upon his relative,
Mardan Ali Khan.
The latter, who resided at Chhatari, which is still regarded as the chief
seat of the family, was the purchaser of the Sa'dabad estate, which on his death
passed to his eldest son, Husain Ali KMn, and is now held by the widow, the
Thaknrani Hakim-an~nissa»    It yields an annual income of Rs. 48,569, derived
from as many as 26 different villages.   The Thakuranibeing childless, the pro-
pert^ was long managed on her behalf by her husband's nephew, the late Kan-
Tar Irshad Ali Khan.   He died in 1876 and was succeeded by his son, Itimad
Ali Khan, who is the present head of the family in this district.    Several of
liis relatives have other lands here.   Thus his uncle, Nawab Sir Faiz Ali Khan,
K.asa., owns the village of Nanau ; and the villages of Chh&va and Danhai,
yielding a act income of Bs. 1,093, belong to Thaknrani Zeb-ian-nissa, the widow
of Samr Ali Kb&n, Sir Faiz's uncle. Two other villages, Bahardoi and N&r&yan*
par, are tie property of a minor, Glralam Muhammad Khan, the son of Hidayat
All Xton, who was adapted by Zuhur Ali Khan of Dharaipur on the failure of
issue 47 Ms first wife ; they yield an income of Rs. 3,555.   The relationship
exiatlag between all -tiiese persons will be best understood by a glance at the
acaompaayisg genealogical table.
He family, in commemoration of their descent, retain the Hindu titles of
Xux^-ar and Thakartai and have hitherto, in their marriage and other social
cu,:3u»st cbasrved maay old Hindu usages. The tendency of the present gene-
Ti;U,ji L^howtrer, raUierto affect an ultra-rigid Muhammadanism ; and th«
hwl cf the houae, the „aw4b of Chhatiri, is an adherent of the Wsh&bis.
Cf the smaller estates In the district, some few belong to respectable old
of ike yeoman type ; otters hare been recently acquired by speculating